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July 18, 2008

SecureSMB Script

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Do you have a wireless notebook with Samba shares that contain copyrighted materials? For example, your music collection? But you only want to share it with your Xbox Media Center while you're on the home network -- sharing anywhere else could result in copyright infringement. It's a hassle to disable your shares every time you go somewhere, eh?

Well, I've written a script which monitors your wireless connection and, should you hop on the wrong network, shuts down your Samba service. When you get back on your home network, it restarts the service. Isn't automation wonderful?

Alright, so maybe I have a little too much free time. Whatever. Download the script, try it out, leave your comments here or through email, and enjoy. Distribute it yourself if you feel like it, but leave the bylines intact. Oh, and the script does need sudo/root privileges, so you should probably put it in /etc/init.d or similar.

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