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May 5, 2008

Migration tips?

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For a while now, I've been considering migrating this blog from Blogger to WordPress. I've never actually used WordPress before, but I've heard lots of ranting and raving about this WordPress plugin and that WordPress plugin. I love FireFox and its extension capabilities, and the idea of using plugins for stuff on my blog is very appealing. Even better, WordPress has a New Blogger import tool, which claims to make the transition rather easy.

The main holdback I have is forwarding existing traffic. I already use Feedburner, so forwarding my RSS should be a snap. But what about Google traffic? What about all those blogspot-centric URLs I've scattered about the net? They will inevitably link straight here, but is there a way to automatically forward incoming links to the new location? And what about the ever-important (sarcasm) technorati ranking? Granted, I'm only rank 17 right now, but I'd rather not lose what little "credibility" I have.

Does anyone have any tips for a truly seamless Blogger-to-WordPress transition? Or at least some tips on maintaining my current traffic?

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