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April 1, 2008

IE8: In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

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Here it is, the end of March, and I just couldn't help but notice how little has been said about IE8 lately. When the first beta was publicly released amidst the MIX08 madness, you could almost feel the blogosphere shuddering with the news. The tremors were discernible for what...a week? Maybe two? Then all became silent once more. Is it just that it's Microsoft, and everyone's tired themselves out with the extra efforts put toward M$-bashing that week? Or is it because everyone and their mother (and their dog, to top all) reviewed the thing like no tomorrow, and our eyes have grown weary of the Blue E? (if your eyes are, indeed, weary of the Blue E, don't click that link)

Whatever the reason, I just thought I'd note that the famous March proverb seemed to apply to IE8, with about the same timing. Perhaps we'll hear more about it (both bashing and praise) when it goes stable?

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