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March 7, 2008

I'm Digging...a duplicate of WHAT??

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Digg is a great source of traffic and popular news. Quite obviously a very popular website. However, its popularity has resulted in so many stories "getting Dugg" that, while Digging a brand-new story, it is almost inevitable to get a "We think you're duping us" alert. Frankly, it's getting quite ridiculous, if you ask me.

As I was digging the first dent in the ground for one of my recent articles, Add entries to Konqueror's "Create new" menu, I ran into the expected "Submit a New Story - Are You Sure It's Not a Duplicate?" message. I usually take the time to look through the stories to see if my topic has been covered before, but usually it's just a bunch of stories that have nothing to do with my topic. This time, though, it was worse.

The title Dugg was "Add entries to Konqueror's "Create new" menu". The content, you can see for yourself at the article's Digg page. The category was "Linux/Unix" under "Technology". The so-called duplicates?

Honestly, what does altering Konqueror's context menu have ANYTHING to do with BK offering Mac and Cheese?? It doesn't even have anything to do with food, and there were no less than three food-related "dupes" in the list. The only dupe that came close to my content was Empty Applications menu on Ubuntu 7.10

The Digg "Dupes Filter" may have worked fine when Digg was a startup site with only a few thousand stories, but with the multitudinous and growing number of stories Dugg on a daily basis, the Digg duplicates filter needs to be more robust than just picking out a few keywords from the Dugg content. It's time to revisit the design phase.
</rant> :)

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