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September 1, 2007

The best laid plans...

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While it appeared that I had found the social bookmarker for me...it appears that that site is dead and abandoned. After waiting 48 hours for my bookmarks to be imported, I sent an email to Spurl.net support asking if the site was, indeed, dead. I also found a post on their support forum in response to an importing delay complaint, which basically said "Spurl is apparently dead and abandoned. Try this site instead." I never got a reply to the email, and, better still, the entire site seems to have been taken down, meaning I couldn't find that post to quote here for you ;) So, back to square one. After searching some Digg and some Google, I stumbled upon Netvouz.com. Remember what my "desirables" were?

  1. Hierarchy
  2. Easy on the eyes
  3. Privacy when I want it
  4. Buttons!
  5. Import/Export capabilities
Well, Netvous meets all of them satisfactorily. It supports hierarchy in the form of folders (and subfolders -- it only lacks the tree visual representation). It has a google-esque color scheme, which is much better than Del.icio.us's. It supports privacy, but not on a bookmark-by-bookmark basis (all your private stuff and all your public stuff go under completely unique Public and Private folders). Netvouz FireFox buttons are available, though I've not tested them yet. And the import function finished in a matter of seconds over my high-speed connection. So, providing Netvouz doesn't go down in smoke anytime soon, I'll settle here. Also, I found a good RSS Aggregator that I like. It may not meet the "social" aspect...but who cares? :) <<update>> Spurl.net seems to be back up...not sure why I was getting blank pages last time. Here is the post mentioning the death of Spurl. And, seeing that my 'marks still aren't imported, I would tend to agree. Too bad :(

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